Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-Hour, Episode 9, Bier Brewery Pt. 2

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Check out this weeks episode of IBH Radio Half-Hour! We had a great show and I promise we will be up on iTunes soon. 



IBH Radio Half-Hour
Episode 9
Bier Brewery Pt. 2
Guest: Corbin and Darren

Hello friends of the hop and grain, and welcome to our first episode of 2012 of the Indiana BrewHaus Radio half-hour where we talk about all things beer: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to enjoy it. This week we are proud to be on location at Bier Brewery here in Indianapolis. I am your host, Nate Shultz, I will, and on some occasions have, work for beer. I am sitting along side my two co-hosts for the evening who probably have worked for even less, Mr. Jared Brown and Mr. Ben Sutton. Good evening, gentlemen.

Chat: 10 health benefits to drinking beer:
Stronger Bones
Stronger Heart
Healthier Kidneys
Boosting Brain Health
Reduced Cancer Risk
Boosting vitamin levels
Guarding Against Stroke
Reduced Risk for Diabetes
Lower Blood Pressure
Longer life

Be Sure to follow along with the drinking game online. No new rules this week, but again, if you have any rules you want to add, just email me at

On to the guests. Here joining us in the tasting room of their own brewery, from Bier Brewery, Mr Darren Connor and Mr Corbin Elliott! How are you this evening gentlemen.

1. You just celebrated your 1 year anniversary, did you do anything special to celebrate?
2. What types of changes have you seen in the past year?
3. What is your current capacity as far as gal/bbl size?
4. Do you have any special events coming up?
5. Do you have any seasonals coming up?
6. other questions.

Homebrew corner:

This week we are going to do something a little different. I usually go through and give some advice on a given topic. This week I am going to ask our guest what they would do. this week i would like to talk about developing a recipe. As many different types as there are out there, some people who have been brewing for a while might be tempted to try their hand at creating a recipe.
1. what types of things, the basics, should they need to know when trying to develop a recipe?
2. Tell us the steps, if you are willing, you go through in developing a new beer?
3. some dos and donts?

Style of the week:

This week we decided to talk about the seasonal Bier Brewery has coming up this Saturday, DFG IPA. It has been a work in progress from the beginning and has been tweaked constantly until it was perfected and is the beer you taste today. Be sure to stop by Saturday, January 21st to taste it and get a growler.
Beer news:
Winterfest is coming!
Saturday, January 28th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Be sure to get to a local retailer because tickets are sold out online. Check out the brewers of indiana guild website for a list of retailers as well as information on DD tix which are still available online.
Be sure to check out Fountain Square Brewing company grand opening this Saturday, July 21st at their location on 1301 Barth Street in Fountain Square area of Indianapolis.

Thanks everyone for joining us this week on the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour. Special thanks to my guest for the evening, Mr darren/corbin from Bier Brewery which can be found at 5133 e 65th st here in indianapolis. They can also be found on twitter @thebierbrewery and online at Be sure also to sign up for their brews letter!Thanks to my co-hosts, Jared, which you can follow on twitter at @jaredbrown, and Ben which you can follow on twitter @thepact or at
You can also follow me on twitter @nshultz or go to for more episodes of the IBH Radio Half-hour, blog posts, drinking games as well as updates on what isgoing on around Indianapolis. Also, be sure to check out!