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Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Season 2, episode 1

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Episode 02-01
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Host: Nate Shultz
Co-Host: Jared Brown, Ben Sutton, Ben Miller, Mark Fancher
Guests: Bill Jimerson, GFI

Welcome fellow beer lovers! WE ARE BACK!! This is the Indiana Brewhaus Radio Half-hour where we talk about all things BEER: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to consume it! I am your host Nate Shultz, homebrewer and beer traveler and sitting to my left and right are my two stewardesses for the evening, Mr Jared Brown and Mr. Benjamin Sutton.

Talk and such (trans. to drinking game)

Be sure to follow along with the drinking game as you listen. The rules can be found on the blog site. Make sure if you are listening to this in your car, DON’T PLAY! If you have rules you would like to add, just email me at

This week we are fortunate to be on location at Great Fermentations of Indiana! And from this lovely establishment, talking with us tonight is Mr. Bill Jimerson.

Questions for Bill:
First of all, tell us about GFI
2. Besides ingredients, what other products/services do you offer?
3. Do you do conversions? Kegerator/keezer?
4. Classes?
5. Events coming up?


NEW BREWERY ALERT!! Ok so it has been a while and there have been a few breweries that have open and established so over the next few shows we will showcase a new brewery each episode. This week we will be talking about Union Brewing in Carmel. Ben, I understand you recently stopped by there...?

Facts/Info: Union Brewing Company
Major players: Cameron Fila, Brewmaster Nathan Doyle: Operations manager
What is significant about Union Brewing: they specialize in real or cask conditioned ales
cameron is a little like me in that he has quite a few years of homebrewing and according to the website started brewing before he was actually legally able to drink it.

Off the topic... topic: this week we are going to talk about beer tourism. In the us there are approximately ... breweries in the US right now. that is the most in our countrys history, even before prohibition. breweries of all sizes are poping up in cities and towns all over the country. I saw an article that the travel channel put out that i am not sure i completely agree with. It lists the top 7
beer destinations in North America. im not sure i completely agree with some of the destinations that the article chose to include.
1. asheville, nc - agree it should be on the list, but number 1? really?
2. Los Angeles
3. virginia
4. toronto
5. finger lakes, New York
6. atlanta
7. traverse city, mi
ok, that is all well and good, now here is my list
1. Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle and various parts of oregon, including portland
2. i will give them asheville, they are a newcomer, but definitely embracing the craft beer culture.
3. i will also give them michigan, but i would like to lump parts of southwestern michigan in there, cant forget bells
4. The Bay area (loosely)- anchor brewing, russian river, lagunitas the list could go on
5. Northern IN
6. Central IN
7. Southern IN - im not bias or anything...

Intro Mark and talk about his trip. if mark cannot come, we will talk about vacations we have all taken

Beer releases to look out for: DARK LORD DAY IS HERE ONCE AGAIN!! tix went on sale on 3.17 and sold out in minutes

What have you been sipping on this week?
What are the group’s recommendations for the week?
Jared -
Ben  -
Nate -

Homebrew tip of the week: priming your mashtun, pour hot water into the clean mashtun to get the temp levels up. this way your temp stays around where you need for mashing. Ideal is 145 -160
talk to me about yeast starters - having trouble with mine

This has been another edition of Indiana BrewHaus Radio. I am your host Nate Shultz. I can be found on Twitter @nshultz or on the web at You can find other episodes of IBHR on my blog as well. I am sitting here with Jared Brown who can be found on Twitter @jaredbrown and Ben Sutton who can also be found on twitter @thepact.