Sunday, April 1, 2012

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-Hour, Episode 11 "Black Acre Brewing"

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Here is the newest episode of the IBH Radio Half-Hour. This week we talked with the newest brewery in Indianapolis, Black Acre Brewing. These guys just opened last month and will have house beers on tap soon! Check out the contact information at the bottom for up to date events and beer tappings!



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IBH Radio Half-Hour
Episode 11
Black Acre Brewing
Guest: Jordan Gleason

Hello faithful followers and listeners, and welcome to our greenest episode yet of the Indiana BrewHaus Radio half-hour where we talk about all things beer: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to enjoy it. This week we are proud to be on location at Black Acre Brewing in historic Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis. I am your host, Nate Shultz. I am sitting along side my two co-hosts, Mr. Jared Brown and Mr. Ben Sutton. Good evening, gentlemen. (insert joke here...) Not my best work.

Be Sure to follow along with the drinking game online. No new rules this week, but again, if you have any rules you want to add, just email me at

On to the guests. Here joining us in the tasting room of their own brewery, from Black Acre Brewing, Mr. Jordan Gleason. and Mr. Matt Johnson. How are you this evening gentlemen?

First some questions for Jordan Gleason
1. Opening a brewery, what were the biggest challenges you faced?
2. You guys are the new kids on the block when it comes to professional brewing, but you are no stranger to the hop and grain. Tell us a little bit about your brewing experience?
3. So, why Irvington? Was there a specific reason?
4. Do you have any special events coming up? Any plans for a big grand opening party?
6. I noticed you have outside beers on tap. That is unusual for a local craft brewery. Why do that?
5. What kinds of styles do you have coming up for the spring?

Style of the week
Ask them what they have been brewing and give a style based on that

Craft Beer news!!
Another brew bracket challenge is going to be taking place this April 14th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds from 12:30 - 5 pm.
Go to for details and ticket information.
What have YOU been drinking?
Nate-pranqster - north coast, FT. Bragg, CA

Thanks everyone for joining us this week on the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour. Special thanks to my guest for the evening, Mr. Jordan... whom you can follow on twitter @blackacrebrewer or go to Be sure to check it often for updates on seasonals and events coming up. Thanks to my co-hosts, Jared, which you can follow on twitter at @jaredbrown, and Ben which you can follow on twitter @thepact or at
You can also follow me on twitter @nshultz or go to for more episodes of the IBH Radio Half-hour, blog posts, drinking games as well as updates on what is going on around Indianapolis. Also, be sure to check out!