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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indiana BrewHaus Episode 1, Show Notes and Corrections

Hey Beer Lovers,

Here is the series premiere of Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour! Click the title or here to listen to the podcast. Right now the show kind a sucks, and is a little boring, but I have a way to liven it up! Check out the IBH Radio Half Hour Drinking Game!! Each week I will add a new rule, and give you a reason to listen to my podcast!! Check back with the blog every other Friday to listen to a new episode by yours truly.

I will also include the show note and try and get any corrections to the show in this post. If you hear any "flub-ups" on the show and want to correct me, email me at Also, you can follow me on twitter @nshultz, or get blog updates and "flub-up" confessionals @indianabrewhaus.

Show notes and corrections:
Indiana Brewhaus Podcast
Episode 01-01

Host: Nate Shultz
Co-Host: Jared Brown
Guest: None

Featured Beer: Farmer’s Daughter Lemongrass Wheat by People’s Brewing Company (Lafayette, IN)

1st Segment: Intro
Intro: this is Indiana Brewhaus Radio half-hour! where we talk about all things beer: Tasting it, brewing it and discovering new ways to appreciate it.

Some current events coming up this week in beer:
Sun King is releasing its Oktoberfest this Thursday September 1st at 6 pm with music from Alpine Express and Food From King David Dogs
Upland just released its Oktoberfest in August and will be available through September and part of October.

Beer of the week this week is People’s Brewing Company, Farmer's Daughter Lemongrass Wheat
Wheat beer: contains up to 50% wheat malt, has a low IBU, its flavor profile is typically lighter, fruity, and crisp/ clean
Types of wheat beer: Belgian, german, american
Upcoming events around the city:
Herron-morton Oktoberfest on September 24th
Time: 3-10 pm
Location: Herron-morton Place Park, 1900 Block of North Alabama
For More Information go to

Picks of the week: Calypso IPA - Bier Brewery
Goodbye to Wilbur Brewhause... 2005-2011

I’m Nate Shultz, you can find me on twitter @nshultz and I blog at You can find my co-host on twitter at @jaredbrown or online at

Thanks for listening everyone! Until next time!

I have a good toast for all of you listening out there:

Here's to you, Here's to me, And may we never disagree, but if we do, to hell with you, here's to me!

The rest of the blog will be devoted to corrections and fan questions and comments:

I realize I did a piss poor job of describing the history of Oktoberfest on the podcast, so here is a little history about Oktoberfest:

Munich in 1810  
The History of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest - In September?
Oktoberfest traditionally starts in the third weekend in September and ends the first Sunday of October.
What is Oktoberfest?
It began with the Royal Wedding on 12 October 1810.

Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the happy royal event. The fields were renamed Theresienwiese ("Theres'a Fields") to honor the Crown Princess, although the locals have since abbreviated the name simply to "Wiesn". Horse races in the presence of the royal family marked the close of the event that was celebrated as a festival for the whole of Bavaria. The decision to repeat the horse races in subsequest years gave rise to the tradition of Oktoberfest.

Indiana BrewHaus Episode 2 and Show Notes

Hey everyone,

Here is episode two of IBH Radio Half Hour. Right click here or on the title and open in a new tab to listen to the podcast. Be sure to check out the IBH Drinking game post for all rules to this week's episode's drinking game. If you have suggestions for rule additions, be sure to email me at 

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour

Episode 01-02

Host: Nate Shultz

Co-Host: Jared Brown and Ben Sutton

Guests: None


Welcome fellow beer lovers! This is the Indiana Brewhaus Radio Half-hour where we talk about all things BEER: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to appreciate it! I am your host Nate Shultz, homebrewer and Lieutenant Colonal in the Army of Beer, sitting alongside my two co-hosts and Draft dodgers for the evening, Mr Jared Brown  and Mr. Benjamin Sutton.

During this portion of the show we shoot the shit and don't really talk about anything. One idea I had for a drinking game would be to drink or do a waterfall until I talk about the featured beer of the week.

Featured beer: Oktoberfest by Upland Brewing Company, Bloomington, IN

Style: Bavarian-style lager

Malts: German(various)

Hops: German(various)

Character/profile: Malty with a crispness that balances out what could be an overly sweet beer style. Minimal hop presence

NEW BREWERY ALERT!! There is a new brewery opening in Indianapolis’ east side!

Triton Brewing Company is now open for business. Located at 5764 wheeler Road in Lawrence, IN, Triton has several guest taps available in it’s tasting room and we should expect to see original beers from them within the next few weeks!

Owners: Mike DeWeese, David Waldman

Brewer: Jon Lang, Head brewer at Barley Island Brewing company

The brewery is located in a former mule stable directly south of Fort Benjamin Harrison. The building had to be completely overhauled to be brought up to code. They did a tremendous job and the building is now gorgeous.

Style of the week: IPA

This week’s beer of the week was chosen specifically for our female listeners. IPA is one of the fastest growing styles of beer among women today. IPA, or India Pale Ale is a relatively old style of beer. Its name dates back to 17th century England. When ships from the East India Trading Company would sail from the UK to India, beer needed to be brewed so that it would not spoil across the long journey. To account for this some brewers crafted a beer that was much higher in alcohol content and was more highly hopped. This was done because hops act as a preservative, and the higher alcohol content meant, in this case, fewer residual sugars which had a tendency to spoil. Thus, the style of IPA, or India Pale Ale, was born.

Differences in IPAs:

Hops: Blend of hops could add a number of different flavors and aromas to beers. Right now there are over 75 different varieties of hops from all over the world.

These hops vary in different ways.

Some are best for Bittering because of the high levels of Alpha Acid that is contained in them:

These hops are usually added early in the boil to impart bitterness

Others are best for Aroma because they are lower in Alpha acid and can provide:

These hops are added later in the boil to add either hop taste or aroma.

some aromas that can be prevalent in beers are:

Grassy,Lemony, earthy, citrus, piney, Floral

Grains: different grains can impart a vast array of both colors and flavors on an IPA. IPAs can range in color from very Pale to very Dark.

Ben - Boulevard IPA

Jared - Two Hearted IPA

Nate - DFG IPA, Bier Brewery

Beer releases to look out for this week are 3 floyds Munster-fest. This Bavarian style Oktoberfest Bier is brewed in accordance with the Reinheistgebot (rine-hize-ge-boot) or German Purity Law.

This is a crisp lager with a dark brown color and a malty finish. Look for this one in select stores throughout September.

Homebrew tip of the week: Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize:

Always clean every tool, vessel, and surface when brewing beer. Every brewer will tell you that there are no shortcuts when it comes to sanitation. An un-sanitized workspace can lead to outside bacteria making their way into your batch which can lead to off-putting flavors, and problomatic brews. That, ladies and gents, is not good beer.

This has been another edition of Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour. I am your host Nate Shultz. I can be found on Twitter @nshultz or on the web at You can find other episodes of IBHRHH on my blog as well. I am sitting here with Jared Brown who can be found on Twitter @jaredbrown and Ben Sutton who can also be found on twitter @thepact.

We are going to end the night with a toast. Tonight’s toast is another Irish toast:

Here's to a long life and a merry one.

A quick death and an easy one.

A pretty girl and an honest one.

A cold pint-- and another one!

Thanks for listening, 



Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour Drinking Game

Hey guys,

Every other week we post an episode of my podcast, the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour. And every week I either screw something up or say a lot of one particular word such as "beer". Every week we will add a rule to the drinking game so that those of you listening and drinking can follow along and get a whole new level of enjoyment out of the podcast. The rules thus far are as follows.

1. Every time I say, "Um" or "Uh". This mainly applies in the first episode.
2. Every time I say the word beer. Good luck on this one in episode 3.
3. Every time you hear glasses clink.
4. Every time you year the word stout
5. Every time you hear the words homebrew, homebrewing, homebrewers, or any variation of home or brew.

More rules will be added each episode so tune in and get your beers ready.



Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour Episode 3: Bier Brewery

Hey Beer Lovers,

The audio is up and running, just right click on the post title or here and open up in a new tab. If you have trouble getting the audio. Let me know through twitter or email me at  I am on twitter at @nshultz or the blog's twitter account is @indianabrewhaus. Comments are also appreciated. Sorry about the delay.

Hey everyone here is the much anticipated PODCAST! This is a new addition to the Indiana BrewHaus Blog. Our podcast, the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour, is a way for beer lovers and newbies to the beer world to appreciate, learn and further enjoy the world of beer. This week we were fortunate to have Corbin Elliot from Bier Brewery on the show with us. We talked about Saisons, Pale Ales, and added a rule to the ever-evolving drinking game!
Check out the blog post IBH Radio Half Hour Drinking game post on the IBH Blog for an updated list of rules.
Check out the show notes below to follow along with the podcast as you listen!!

Show Notes:

Indiana Brewhaus Radio Half-hour
Episode 01-03
Host: Nate Shultz
Co-Host: Jared Brown and Ben Sutton
Guest: Corbin from Bier Brewery


Welcome fellow beer lovers! This is the Indiana Brewhaus Radio Half-hour where we talk about all things BEER: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to appreciate it! I am your host Nate Shultz, homebrewer and beer cult leader sitting alongside my two Kool-Aid swilling co-hosts for the evening, Mr Jared Brown and Mr. Benjamin Sutton! Good evening Gentlemen.


Before I introduce our guest for the evening, I want to talk about a new feature to the IBRHH. Drinking games. Every week I am going to add a rule to an ever evolving drinking game we will have on the show. This weeks rule goes as follows: Every time we say the word beer, take a drink of whatever you might be drinking... hopefully beer. Needless to say this does not apply to people listening to this podcast in their car.

 On to our guest!

 We are very fortunate to have a special guest with us in the “studio” tonight. Fresh off a win at the Indiana Brewers Cup in July, taking home 10 medals in 7 different catagories, from Bier Brewery, Mr. Corbin Elliot.

Questions about Bier Brewery:

I’ve known you for a little while now, and am a frequenter of Bier, but for those audience members who have never heard of Bier before, tell us a little bit about the brewery:

How long have you been open? November 24th, 2010

How you are different from other breweries in town? Smallest brewery in town. 40 gallon batches.

How many different types of beer do you brew? Eight beers weekly and ranges from all different types of styles.

You brewing all these biers yourself? Who is your team? Darren Connor - Head brewer/ master brewer

Bier is quickly growing in popularity, am I going to be able to see you guys in the liquor store? Not yet. They will be expanding their business to double their capacity. Hopefully we will be able to see them in bars and restaurants around Indy soon.

Growler fills in the brewery? Growler fill are available in the brewery and range anywhere from $10-$16 depending on the style. 

When can we go to the brewery? 
They are open Wednesday-Friday 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Saturday from 1-7pm, and Sunday from noon - 4pm.

Speaking of growler fills, Corbin, I am really enjoying what you brought in for us this evening. What is it? I think this just might be our style of the week.

Style of beer for the week: Saison (French Farmhouse Beer)

The saison is a lighter style of beer with fruity characteristics much like champagne.

In the little time that you have been open, Bier Brewery has made some waves in the State of Indiana bringing home the “Brewery of the Year” Award at the Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup Competition. Tell us about the brewers cup, what it is, and what went down.

Homebrew tip of the week: WATER: does it matter what type I use? Answer: Yes! Beer is 95% water, and derives a lot of flavor from it. NEVER use chlorinated water. It  can impart off flavors. I like to use a mixture of spring water and distilled, but I know brewers change the make-up of their water by the style of beer they are brewing.

Beer releases to look out for:

Upland Brewing Company:

Teddybear kisses: Dark bitter beer made with lots of dark malt and aged on a bed of Fair-trade cocoa nibs.
Bourbon Barrel Warmer: Upland’s winter warmer aged in oak barrels

Sun King brewing:
El Gallo Negro - Black IPA ( won’t tell you what that means, i will just say it’s spanish, look it up)

Thanks everyone for joining us this week on the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour.  Special thanks to our guest Corbin from bier brewery for being with us tonight and for bringing us delicious bier to sample. You too can sample some of Corbin and Darren’s creations by checking out Bier brewery at 5133 E. 65th street here in Indianapolis. And you can keep up with what is going on at the brewery by following him @thebierbrewery or at Corbin it has been a pleasure as always. Stop back by again soon.

Thanks to my co-hosts, Jared, which you can follow on twitter at @jaredbrown, and Ben which you can follow on twitter @thepact or at

You can also follow me on twitter @nshultz or go to for more episodes of the IBH Radio Half-hour, blog posts, drinking games as well as updates on what is going around indianapolis.

Let’s end the night with a quote from one of my favorite humorists, dave berry who said:

"Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza." - Dave Barry