Thursday, December 29, 2011

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-Hour Episode 8, Fountain Square Brewing

Hey Guys,
This week's episode was pretty darn good. Probably the best one yet. As per usual, I made several mistakes throughout the podcast. See if you can find them. I hope all of you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoy taping it. 



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Show notes:

IBH Radio Half-Hour
Episode 8
Fountain Square Brewing
Guest: Bill Webster

Hello friends of the hop and grain, and welcome to our final episode of 2011 of the Indiana BrewHaus Radio half-hour where we talk about all things beer: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to enjoy it. This week we are proud to be on location at Fountain Square Brewing on 1301 Barth in indianapolis! I am your host, Nate Shultz, German at heart, but Irish at liver, sitting beside my two co-hosts for the evening, who I am pretty sure are just here for the beer, Mr. Jared Brown and Mr. Benjamin Sutton! How are we this evening gentlemen?

Movie to check out on Netflix: How beer saved the world.
    Essentially a loose history of beer from beginning to current times
    Beer was used as: money, medicine; saved millions of people from plague; started the agricultural revolution, built the pyramids, brought us antibiotics, and created modern refrigeration.
It truly changed the course of history! If it weren’t for beer, we’d probably be living in caves!

Before we get to our guest for the evening, lets address the drinking game. I realize we have a lot of rules and it can be hard to follow all of them. Instead of instituting a new rule for the game, lets do this: Pick your favorite 3 rules from the list and follow those. Also, it is ok to make up your own. I actually encourage it. If you do have suggestions for new rules or would like to tell be about the ones you made up, email me at!

On to the guest! Sitting with us tonight from the newly opened Fountain Square Brewing, Mr skip duvall/ Mr Bill webster. Welcome sir to the show. How are you this evening?

1. Tell me a little about yourself
3. If you have/had a mission statement what is it/would it be?
4. Tell me about Skip. What is his history with beer?
5. Why Fountain Square?
6. Any special events you have coming up that you want our fans to know about?
7. What kind of seasonals can we see from fountain square in the near future? Are you willing to devulge that?

Style of the week:
American Style light lager!

OK folks, lets face it. We have all drank at one time or another. Some of us can admit it, some can’t. I have, jared has, and i know ben has. Here is the real question: Is it ok? Answer: Of course! This country was founded on Ales, but it was made great by Lagers! Currently, beer accounts for 1.5% of the GDP not to mention the billions the industry pays in taxes. So, you drink a Bud Light or a Miller every once in a while, who cares! Don’t be a snob. Even brewers drink the stuff. Plus, let’s be honest: Craft beer is for enjoying, but a light lager is good for drinking a lot of. Again, something I do!
Like other types of beers, the American Light Lager has it’s fair share of historical significance. This type of beer stems from the German Style Lager which originated in Bavaria. In 1840 lagering techniques were exported to Bohemia, now Czech Republic. The result was Pilsner. This came as a result of partially malted ultra light Barley and Saaz hops. Some of the big breweries today call their beer pilsner, but they have cut the once all-barley beer with corn and rice which might be much cheaper, but has little flavor.

Alright, enough about cheap beer. Lets get back to craft beer!

Recommendations/ what you’ve been drinking this week

Beer News:
Winterfest is coming soon!
Go to for tickets

Sun King is up for awards yet again! Go to this site to vote for their beer/can design!

Apparel available for purchase! Email me at

Homebrew tip of the week!

Adding fresh fruit safely to beer!

Here is my recommendation. If you must add fruit to your beer, even though i don’t recommend it, do this first:
First, wash the fruit well to remove any dirt or debris. Second, Heat and mash fruit on your stove to pasteurize it (not to hot, though. don’t want to carmelize it!) Finally, be sure to add it during secondary fermentation or you will lose all that fruit flavor when you rack it. So there you go that is my only advice. I typically don’t add fruit to beer unless i am making it for my wife who loves blueberry and cranberry beers. Actually she loves your cranberry wheat.

Thanks everyone for joining us this week on the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour. Special thanks to my guest for the evening, Mr. bill/skip You can find them online at or follow them on twitter on @fountainsqrbrew. Also, be sure to stop by Fountain Square Brewing Thursday - Sunday here on 1301 barth street here in indianapolis. Just look for the orange building! Thanks to my co-hosts, Jared, which you can follow on twitter at @jaredbrown, and Ben which you can follow on twitter @thepact or at
You can also follow me on twitter @nshultz or go to for more episodes of the IBH Radio Half-hour, blog posts, drinking games as well as updates on what isgoing on around Indianapolis. Also, be sure to check out!


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