Tuesday, February 14, 2012

IBH Radio Half Hour, Episode 10, Black Swan Brewpub

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Here are the show notes and episode link for this week. We went on location to Black Swan Brewpub for this episode.of IBH. I hope you guys all enjoy this. We have some pretty cool things in the works at IBH. Stay tuned for exciting updates!



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IBH Radio Half-Hour
Episode 9
Black Swan Brewpub
Guest: Chef Nick and DJ McAllister

Hello friends of the hop and grain, and welcome to our secon d episode of 2012 of the Indiana BrewHaus Radio half-hour where we talk about all things beer: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to enjoy it. This week we are proud to be on location at Black Swan Brewpub here in Plainfield, IN. I am your host, Nate Shultz, I love beer... almost as much as I love food...as is apparent from my curvy physique.. I am sitting along side my two co-hosts who aspire to achieve my shapely form, Mr. Jared Brown and Mr. Ben Sutton. Good evening, gentlemen.

Be Sure to follow along with the drinking game online. No new rules this week, but again, if you have any rules you want to add, just email me at indianabrewhaus@gmail.com.

On to the guests. Here joining us in the tasting room of their own brewery, from Black Swan Brewpub, Mr. Nick Carter and Mr. DJ McAllister! How are you this evening gentlemen?

First some questions for DJ:
1. Opening a brewpub, what were the biggest challenges you faced?
2. now, you opened the restaurant side first, correct? What made you decide to do that rather than the brewery first?
3. How has plainfield embraced the beer?
4. Do you have any special events coming up?
5. What kinds of styles do you have coming up for the spring?

Cooking Corner:
This week we are very fortunate to have nick carter, also from Black Swan Brewpub here in plainfield. Nick is the executive chef here at black swan with years of experience in the restaurant business. Tonight we are going to ask him a little about cooking with beer.
On to Nick:
1. for our listeners, what are some good rules of thumb when cooking with beer?
2. What is your favorite beer to cook with?
3. What is your favorite dish to put beer in?
4. Are you willing to divulge any recipes that our listeners can try at home?
5. Craft beer tends to have a very strong flavor. How does that influence the types of dishes you use it in?

Style of the week:
This week I would like to talk to DJ about some of the styles he has coming up.

Thanks everyone for joining us this week on the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour. Special thanks to my guest for the evening, Mr Nick Carter and Mr. DJ McAllister from Black Swan Brewpub! They can be found on twitter at @blackswanbrewpub or online at www.blackswanbrewpub.com. Be sure to check it often for updates on seasonals and events coming up. Thanks to my co-hosts, Jared, which you can follow on twitter at @jaredbrown, and Ben which you can follow on twitter @thepact or at benjaminsutton.com.
You can also follow me on twitter @nshultz or go to indianabrewhaus.blogspot.com for more episodes of the IBH Radio Half-hour, blog posts, drinking games as well as updates on what is going on around Indianapolis. Also, be sure to check out indianabrewhaus.com!


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