Monday, March 3, 2014

Burgeoning Indiana Craft Beer Scene: Can we handle it?


On the show we talk about all things Indiana craft beer. When we started this thing the craft beer movement was hardly in its infancy. Breweries were popping up all over the country at what appeared, then, to be an alarming rate. We had no idea what alarming was. Four years and three seasons later things are beyond heating up; they are white hot. With breweries appearing all over Indiana it has been increasingly difficult to keep up with all the new names and faces. But we are sure as hell gonna try.

The benefit of these new breweries has come two fold. Now, not only do we have the variety of world class beers from the new kids, but the established breweries have stepped up their game to account for the new, albeit friendly, competition. Among the myriad of tap takeovers, seasonal releases and special events, I can't help but wonder, "How does one keep up with it all?" Even with updates from shows like Indiana BrewHaus or Indy Beer News or the Biercast, the average person can't help but feel overwhelmed.

These and other craft beer related media have popped up almost as fast as the breweries themselves. It's not just the local guys blogging and 'casting about their hometown brews. This movement has brought about an influx of national attention. Programming like Beer Geeks and Beer Nation have brought exposure and caught the eye of even the mainstream media. Newspapers have even expanded their food and drink section to specifically cover craft beer. Despite all of this, I feel like we are just scratching the surface on coverage of what could be the most exciting time in American craft beer history. 

Bold statement, I know.

To be quite frank, there IS no way to keep up with it all, at least not everything. Is it hopeless? No. I'll say one thing though. It is a pretty good problem to have.


IBH Crew

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