Monday, June 13, 2011

City Market and Tomlinson Taproom

A couple weeks ago, I was able to have drinks at the Tomlinson Taproom located at City Market in downtown Indy. I have to say, the experience was great. The taproom offers a selection of 16 taps filled with craft beers from breweries located ONLY within the state of Indiana. In fact, some of the beers on tap were ones that you could only get at the breweries themselves. This was a real treat considering I love Indiana craft beer, but I don't have the time, energy or money to drive to places like New Albany, Bloomington, or Munster.

I was able to get a pint of beer from a small nanobrewery located right here in Indy that does not distribute called Bier Brewery. It is my understanding, also, that this brewery will be featured on a regular basis exclusively at the Tomlinson Taproom. I was able to sample their pale ale called PDG Pale as their Belgian Dubbel. As was the case in previous experiences, I was impressed.

Unfortunately, the Taproom is the only part of the City Market that is open at many times of the day, including evenings. Upon arriving to the location one may feel as if they were walking into a ghost town. Other than lunch hours, much of the market is closed. I wouldn't have known where to go if it wasn't for the sound of conversation coming from the second floor. In my opinion, the market is under utilized. After talking with one of the managers of the market I discovered that they are going to start requiring restaurants located within the market to stay open longer to align with the hours of the taproom. I have a feeling that once this happens, the Tomlinson Taproom and City market will become a downtown landmark that will attract residents, convention-goers, and business people alike.



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