Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Bier Brewery Belgian Golden Strong Ale

First of all, let me say that this brewery has yet to turn out a beer that I have not liked, nay, loved. Darren Connor of Bier Brewery is master of the small batch. Along with Ben and Corbin, his two assistant brewers, he manages to take each style of beer and make it his own.
With an SRM of around 6, Bier Brewery's Belgian Golden Strong Ale is a deep golden color with good clarity. The beer itself is very effervescent which is true to style. The beer has a very defined malt character as opposed to its minimal hop presence. This makes for a very sweet, very alcoholic beer. By that I do not mean that there is a heavy alcohol taste that comes through in the beer which has been the case in some belgian strong ales that I have seen, either golden or dark. Instead there are notes of light fruit like peaches and pears as well as the distinct flavor of honey.
As is true with many of the beers that are on tap at Bier Brewery, this one will probably be gone by the time many of you will read this. Don't fret though. I fully expect to see this beer again. If I had to rate this beer in terms of being true to its style, I would give it a 94. Overall, and this is just rating the beer to my preference, I would give it a 82. I say that because when I picture the ideal beer, I see it as one with good balance between hop and malt, average alcohol content, and good clarity. I would highly recommend a visit to Bier Brewery. Where, as they would say, you can,"Come Taste Our Awesomeness."



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