Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Sierra Nevada Summerfest

On a recent trip to my hometown for a wedding last weekend, I had the opportunity to try the latest seasonal from Sierra Nevada. Summerfest is a European-style lager which means that according to style it should be light in both malt and hop profile. For the most part this beer accomplishes its appointed task. This beer, with an SRM of about 5 or 6, is very light in color. With its use of Czech Saaz and Perle hops, it achieves a good balanced hop profile that is very dry in character. Honestly, this beer's name sums it up perfectly. By the way, I realize this is not an Indiana beer, but I felt like I should branch out a little bit to some of my favorite beers.
I would probably give this beer about a 95 in being true to style. As for the overall score of this beer, I would probably have to give it an 88 just because even though it does remain true to style and the beer itself is very balanced. I felt as if it could have used a little heftier mouthfeel.
This is a beer that I would definitely pick up in the liquor store and would be worth the money. Be sure to check out other beers from this Chico, CA brewery's lineup as it has always been a strong and innovative one.



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  1. I'm going to mail you some beer from Russian River Brewery! It's time you know the truth!