Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indiana BrewHaus Episode 1, Show Notes and Corrections

Hey Beer Lovers,

Here is the series premiere of Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour! Click the title or here to listen to the podcast. Right now the show kind a sucks, and is a little boring, but I have a way to liven it up! Check out the IBH Radio Half Hour Drinking Game!! Each week I will add a new rule, and give you a reason to listen to my podcast!! Check back with the blog every other Friday to listen to a new episode by yours truly.

I will also include the show note and try and get any corrections to the show in this post. If you hear any "flub-ups" on the show and want to correct me, email me at indiana.brewhaus@gmail.com. Also, you can follow me on twitter @nshultz, or get blog updates and "flub-up" confessionals @indianabrewhaus.

Show notes and corrections:
Indiana Brewhaus Podcast
Episode 01-01

Host: Nate Shultz
Co-Host: Jared Brown
Guest: None

Featured Beer: Farmer’s Daughter Lemongrass Wheat by People’s Brewing Company (Lafayette, IN)

1st Segment: Intro
Intro: this is Indiana Brewhaus Radio half-hour! where we talk about all things beer: Tasting it, brewing it and discovering new ways to appreciate it.

Some current events coming up this week in beer:
Sun King is releasing its Oktoberfest this Thursday September 1st at 6 pm with music from Alpine Express and Food From King David Dogs
Upland just released its Oktoberfest in August and will be available through September and part of October.

Beer of the week this week is People’s Brewing Company, Farmer's Daughter Lemongrass Wheat
Wheat beer: contains up to 50% wheat malt, has a low IBU, its flavor profile is typically lighter, fruity, and crisp/ clean
Types of wheat beer: Belgian, german, american
Upcoming events around the city:
Herron-morton Oktoberfest on September 24th
Time: 3-10 pm
Location: Herron-morton Place Park, 1900 Block of North Alabama
For More Information go to oktoberfesthmpf.com

Picks of the week: Calypso IPA - Bier Brewery
Goodbye to Wilbur Brewhause... 2005-2011

I’m Nate Shultz, you can find me on twitter @nshultz and I blog at www.indianabrewhaus.blogspot.com. You can find my co-host on twitter at @jaredbrown or online at talentopoly.com.

Thanks for listening everyone! Until next time!

I have a good toast for all of you listening out there:

Here's to you, Here's to me, And may we never disagree, but if we do, to hell with you, here's to me!

The rest of the blog will be devoted to corrections and fan questions and comments:

I realize I did a piss poor job of describing the history of Oktoberfest on the podcast, so here is a little history about Oktoberfest:

Munich in 1810  
The History of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest - In September?
Oktoberfest traditionally starts in the third weekend in September and ends the first Sunday of October.
What is Oktoberfest?
It began with the Royal Wedding on 12 October 1810.

Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the happy royal event. The fields were renamed Theresienwiese ("Theres'a Fields") to honor the Crown Princess, although the locals have since abbreviated the name simply to "Wiesn". Horse races in the presence of the royal family marked the close of the event that was celebrated as a festival for the whole of Bavaria. The decision to repeat the horse races in subsequest years gave rise to the tradition of Oktoberfest.

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