Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour Drinking Game

Hey guys,

Every other week we post an episode of my podcast, the Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half Hour. And every week I either screw something up or say a lot of one particular word such as "beer". Every week we will add a rule to the drinking game so that those of you listening and drinking can follow along and get a whole new level of enjoyment out of the podcast. The rules thus far are as follows.

1. Every time I say, "Um" or "Uh". This mainly applies in the first episode.
2. Every time I say the word beer. Good luck on this one in episode 3.
3. Every time you hear glasses clink.
4. Every time you year the word stout
5. Every time you hear the words homebrew, homebrewing, homebrewers, or any variation of home or brew.

More rules will be added each episode so tune in and get your beers ready.



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