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Indiana BrewHaus Episode 2 and Show Notes

Hey everyone,

Here is episode two of IBH Radio Half Hour. Right click here or on the title and open in a new tab to listen to the podcast. Be sure to check out the IBH Drinking game post for all rules to this week's episode's drinking game. If you have suggestions for rule additions, be sure to email me at indiana.brewhaus@gmail.com. 

Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour

Episode 01-02

Host: Nate Shultz

Co-Host: Jared Brown and Ben Sutton

Guests: None


Welcome fellow beer lovers! This is the Indiana Brewhaus Radio Half-hour where we talk about all things BEER: tasting it, brewing it, and discovering new ways to appreciate it! I am your host Nate Shultz, homebrewer and Lieutenant Colonal in the Army of Beer, sitting alongside my two co-hosts and Draft dodgers for the evening, Mr Jared Brown  and Mr. Benjamin Sutton.

During this portion of the show we shoot the shit and don't really talk about anything. One idea I had for a drinking game would be to drink or do a waterfall until I talk about the featured beer of the week.

Featured beer: Oktoberfest by Upland Brewing Company, Bloomington, IN

Style: Bavarian-style lager

Malts: German(various)

Hops: German(various)

Character/profile: Malty with a crispness that balances out what could be an overly sweet beer style. Minimal hop presence

NEW BREWERY ALERT!! There is a new brewery opening in Indianapolis’ east side!

Triton Brewing Company is now open for business. Located at 5764 wheeler Road in Lawrence, IN, Triton has several guest taps available in it’s tasting room and we should expect to see original beers from them within the next few weeks!

Owners: Mike DeWeese, David Waldman

Brewer: Jon Lang, Head brewer at Barley Island Brewing company

The brewery is located in a former mule stable directly south of Fort Benjamin Harrison. The building had to be completely overhauled to be brought up to code. They did a tremendous job and the building is now gorgeous.

Style of the week: IPA

This week’s beer of the week was chosen specifically for our female listeners. IPA is one of the fastest growing styles of beer among women today. IPA, or India Pale Ale is a relatively old style of beer. Its name dates back to 17th century England. When ships from the East India Trading Company would sail from the UK to India, beer needed to be brewed so that it would not spoil across the long journey. To account for this some brewers crafted a beer that was much higher in alcohol content and was more highly hopped. This was done because hops act as a preservative, and the higher alcohol content meant, in this case, fewer residual sugars which had a tendency to spoil. Thus, the style of IPA, or India Pale Ale, was born.

Differences in IPAs:

Hops: Blend of hops could add a number of different flavors and aromas to beers. Right now there are over 75 different varieties of hops from all over the world.

These hops vary in different ways.

Some are best for Bittering because of the high levels of Alpha Acid that is contained in them:

These hops are usually added early in the boil to impart bitterness

Others are best for Aroma because they are lower in Alpha acid and can provide:

These hops are added later in the boil to add either hop taste or aroma.

some aromas that can be prevalent in beers are:

Grassy,Lemony, earthy, citrus, piney, Floral

Grains: different grains can impart a vast array of both colors and flavors on an IPA. IPAs can range in color from very Pale to very Dark.

Ben - Boulevard IPA

Jared - Two Hearted IPA

Nate - DFG IPA, Bier Brewery

Beer releases to look out for this week are 3 floyds Munster-fest. This Bavarian style Oktoberfest Bier is brewed in accordance with the Reinheistgebot (rine-hize-ge-boot) or German Purity Law.

This is a crisp lager with a dark brown color and a malty finish. Look for this one in select stores throughout September.

Homebrew tip of the week: Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize:

Always clean every tool, vessel, and surface when brewing beer. Every brewer will tell you that there are no shortcuts when it comes to sanitation. An un-sanitized workspace can lead to outside bacteria making their way into your batch which can lead to off-putting flavors, and problomatic brews. That, ladies and gents, is not good beer.

This has been another edition of Indiana BrewHaus Radio Half-hour. I am your host Nate Shultz. I can be found on Twitter @nshultz or on the web at indianabrewhaus.blogspot.com. You can find other episodes of IBHRHH on my blog as well. I am sitting here with Jared Brown who can be found on Twitter @jaredbrown and Ben Sutton who can also be found on twitter @thepact.

We are going to end the night with a toast. Tonight’s toast is another Irish toast:

Here's to a long life and a merry one.

A quick death and an easy one.

A pretty girl and an honest one.

A cold pint-- and another one!

Thanks for listening, 



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