Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food and Beer (together at last) 1st edition

I should probably point out now that I am a huge foodie. As many of my friends, and my wife, will tell you, I love my food. (Insert fat joke here). Honestly there is nothing better than a home-made burger on the grill and an ice cold beer, but when it comes to dining in and around the Indianapolis area, I have many opinions that I will express throughout this blog.

Unfortunately, some breweries are not known for their food. As far as some brewers are concerned, and to some extent I share this sentiment, beer first, food second. This may be the case now, but I have a feeling it is about to change. Case in point, Black Swan Brewpub. These guys decided to flip the "beer first, food second" notion on its frothy little head. I had the opportunity to eat there a few weeks back, and let me tell you the experience was nothing short of divine. Chef Nick's version of the classic ham 'n' cheese was kicked up a notch by black forest ham, havarti, arrugala, all on a pretzel bun. Simply delicious. He didn't stop there, though. Oh no! Then there were the truffle oil coated frites. I simply could not stop eating them. FANTASTIC! If their beer is as good as their food, owner DJ McCallister has absolutely nothing to worry about.



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