Monday, April 18, 2011

Yats baby!

Okay, so if you are one of my readers that only reads this blog for the description of beer, navigate away from this page. I just wanted to talk a little bit about my favorite, albeit simple, Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis. Of course for those of you who know me, I'm talking about Yats. For those of you who haven't spent an extended period of time in Indy, you may not be familiar with Yats. This restaurant is a Cajun style restaurant that offers a variety of dishes, from gumbo to jambalaya. No sandwiches, no boils, just delicious rice smothered in a variety of, well, for lack of a better word we'll call 'em soups.

This has to be the best business plan of all time. Essentially, upon entering the restaurant, you will notice several food items written on a chalk board. You order either to stay, to go, or pints and quarts of "soup." You then are given enough food to feed a family of four, for around three pieces of pocket lint, just kidding. Although this place is cheap. The average meal price is around $6, and the variety is outrageous.  I have never seen the same combination twice. There are several standby options that have made Yats famous over the years. One of which, my wife and my personal favorite, is the chili cheese etoufee. This item, which upon traveling to New Orleans I have yet to come across, is a nod to the roots of the owner's wife who is from Wisconsin.

The owner, Joe Vuskovich, is a New Orleans native who owned an operated several successful restaurants in both New Orleans and Louisville, KY, where Yats was born. It is described on their website as a no-frills, back to the basics restaurant. That is exactly what it is.

Where in the heck did they get the name Yats? Yats comes from the popular saying in Cajun country, "Where Y'at?", meaning, "You hungry?" Around my house, this has been boiled down even further to just, "Yats?" Among anyone who has ever eaten there, which I am convinced is every single person in the greater Indy Metro Area, I have never heard anyone that has ever complained they don't like the food. It will be a sad day in Indy when this place closes. Which I hope is never.

Where y'at? I bet you are now!


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  1. Love Yats and it has been a great addition to Indy Metro!