Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food and Beer (together at last) 2nd edition

As I mentioned in my previous post, Indiana State Law prevents a micro brewery from serving pints unless they are able to serve food. There is a way around this, though. In order to avoid this pesky little rule, the brewery has one of two choices. Either they must shut their doors to the general public and host a private party, or they must provide a catered meal. At this point they will be able to serve pints. I know of at least two breweries here in Indianapolis that do private parties, one is Bier Brewery and another is Flat 12. They will host private events for you, just ask and schedule in advance.

Another brewery that does it is Sun King, but they do it a little differently. They will actually send out messages on social media, ie. Twitter, Facebook, etc. At that point they will invite the general public, have food catered in from one of many local business around the area, and have local musicians playing. Having gone to one of these parties, they are pretty awesome. It should be mentioned that Sun King has something that the other two aforementioned breweries do not have, and that is space.

My hope is that soon the law will change, and we will be able to see pints in every brewery across the state. If history is any indication of events to come, we are in for a treat. Recently Sun King got together with Three Floyds and appealed to the State Assembly to change the limit size of a craft brewery. An amendment to current state law was unanimously voted into effect. Oh my the power of beer!!



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